Certification Program Essentials

Everyone is welcome to take Zero Balancing courses. To be a Certified ZB practitioner training as a healthcare professional is a requirement, and this is reflected in our eligibility requirements and application process.

Our online application is easy to fill out and is customized by these categories:

  • If you are a licensed healthcare professional, you are eligible for immediate acceptance.
  • If you are a non-licensed healthcare professional with an active practice of three years or longer, you are eligible to apply and will be asked additional questions to determine acceptance.
  • If you are a student enrolled in a professional healthcare training program, you will be asked additional questions about your training during the application process. Health care students must complete their training before completing ZB Certification.
  • If you are unlicensed and not currently enrolled in a professional healthcare training program, you can meet the qualification for enrollment with an online basic sciences and professional training such as the Basic Science and Business Practices for Bodywork Professionals offered by Emerald Bodywork Education.  This 100-hour online program gives you a professional foundation needed to be a certified ZB practitioner.

Note: Zero Balancing Certification does not provide a legal license to practice. Please check your state and local health care licensing requirements if you do not have a formal health care license.

An important read before applying: ZBHA Ethics Guidelines

The cost of the Zero Balancing Certification Program is $600. This program fee covers the cost of both the candidate’s written and practical exams. It also covers operational and administrative fees.

Candidates have two options regarding cost. The first is to pay the ZBHA directly. You can do this in one payment or work with the office to schedule payments over time. The program fee must be paid in full before certification is complete.

The second option is to purchase a Core-Pak through IAHE. All class Core-Paks purchased through IAHE include the ZB Certification Program fee. To pay your program fee through Core-Pak, first reach out to IAHE to make the purchase. Then, complete the ZBHA Certification Program application.

Program Requirements
There is a minimum of 100 hours/4 in-person classes needed to be eligible to take the ZB certification exams. Here are the classes approved toward those 100 hours.

Two courses are required:

Zero Balancing I
Zero Balancing II

Two electives from the following list:

Freely Moveable Joints
Form and Fulcrums I
Alchemy of Touch
Geometry of Healing
Repeating Zero Balancing I
Repeating Zero Balancing II

After completing the course requirements and fully paying the program fee, certification candidates are eligible to take the online, open-book written exam. That is followed by a hands-on practical exam and a program evaluation.‚Äč
Program Recommendations

As a candidate, you will receive a comprehensive Certification Candidate’s Resource Guide for Self Study with valuable information and logs to track activities. You will also have access to additional resources within our private Certification Program website pages as well as discounted registration fees for the Third Sunday Open Forums and First Sunday Virtual ZB Sessions.
Engagement with Zero Balancing is critical between courses and before taking your exams. Highly recommended activities include:

  • Giving and Receiving ZB sessions
  • Participating in ZB study groups
  • Receiving support from a Certified Mentor 
  • Touch feedback sessions with faculty or Certified Mentors
  • Keeping a journal of insights and questions
  • Taking additional online and in-person ZB classes

Contact the ZBHA staff.