Information & Policies

Health and Participation


To help students learn the techniques and experience the benefits of Zero Balancing, ZBHA  in-person courses involve substantial hands-on practice. Students should be healthy enough to be able to work with fellow students, class assistants and sometimes with the instructor. The following conditions may prevent someone from attending or being fully active in a ZB class:

  • Acute illness, especially contagious infections. See clarifications below. 
  • Recent surgery, radiation or chemotherapy
  • Mental or emotional illness or instability
  • Pregnancy, especially the first 3 months
  • Any condition, such as injuries or pain, that would prevent you from exchanging hands-on work with another person. 
  • Prior to registering, please contact the teacher if you have any questions about your ability to fully participate.

If you register and then become ill or have reason to believe that you may have been exposed to Covid-19, the flu, or another potentially contagious infection within the week and/or hours before class begins, please contact the teacher.

In general, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, and stomach flu symptoms are reasons to stay home and rest.

With Covid-19 exposure, protocols for testing and treatment guidelines continue to evolve and options should be discussed with the teacher. If you have a negative test result but exposure is recent, the teacher may place conditions on your participation. These may include: wearing a mask during class time, retesting, and monitoring symptoms.  Teachers also reserve the right to ask students to test or mask at tables depending on local Covid-19 transmission rates, local guidelines, and current CDC recommendations.

If you have to withdraw from the class due to illness, ZBHA tuition refund policies apply.

ZB Study and Practice Terms and Conditions


The following are highlights from the ZBHA/ZBTF Terms and Conditions. You are required to read and consent to these terms prior to attending a Zero Balancing I class. You will also receive a hard copy to review and sign in your first ZB I class. We encourage all students and members of the ZB practitioner community to familiarize themselves with these policies updated in 2020.

Study and Practice of ZB: The study of Zero Balancing (“ZB”) is open to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of skilled touch, structural anatomy and body energy systems, and theories of healing. The practice of ZB is subject to state and county laws governing professional health care practices.  This includes those who are already qualified health care professionals who wish to study Zero Balancing to enhance their existing professional qualifications as an adjunct skill, or those, who at the discretion of ZB Faculty, wish to study Zero Balancing for personal interest only.

Trademarks and TermsThe term Zero Balancing and the Fulcrum logo are both registered Trademarks held by the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation (“ZBTF”) and the use thereof, together with the term “Zero Balancer”, are reserved for those individuals who have officially graduated as Certified Zero Balancers and maintain the status of “Certified Zero Balancer”.

The participation in a Core ZB I course, or any other Zero Balancing course prior to your graduating from the certification program, does not entitle you to call yourself a Zero Balancer or use the term Certified Zero Balancer. This is contingent on the successful completion of your local Zero Balancing Certification Program, being in good standing with the Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA), and having the appropriate insurances, and having the appropriate professional licenses  (unless specifically not required in your jurisdiction) in place.

The teaching of Zero Balancing is reserved for Certified Zero Balancing Teachers in good standing with both the ZBTF and the ZBHA.
Integrating Zero Balancing into your Practice: We recognize and accept that you, as a Zero Balancing student who is legally entitled to touch clients professionally as a qualified health care professional, may wish to integrate your newly acquired Zero Balancing skills into your existing practice prior to acquiring the status of Certified Zero Balancer. While you are a student of Zero Balancing (prior to certification):

  1. Sessions should be limited to healthy individuals who are neither contraindicated or have significant underlying health conditions, unless you have clinical experience with said underlying health conditions.
  2. Ideally, Zero Balancing should not be combined with other modalities.
  3. You shall clearly identify yourself as a student, and not a practitioner of Zero Balancing.  If in doubt, please contact your Zero Balancing teacher for further clarification.
We also recommend that ZB students without liability insurance consider obtaining coverage, and those with it make sure that that it covers performing Zero Balancing in your professional practice.
Copyrights and Information Sharing: Sharing your personal experience of Zero Balancing on social media or other forms of media is welcomed. However, prior to attaining the status of Certified Zero Balancer, your referencing Zero Balancing in media such as written articles, or video postings on platforms such as YouTube, is not permitted without the prior consent of the ZBHA or the ZBTF.

Zero Balancing course study guides (and hand-outs) are copyrighted and must not be reproduced in any manner (including scans, website forums or social media postings).
Privacy: To protect the privacy of students, any photographs or videos taken during Zero Balancing workshops must not be uploaded onto any social media platform, such as Facebook or Instagram, without the unanimous agreement of all those attending. Nor will such images be used by Zero Balancing organizations in any form of promotional activity without a student’s prior written consent.
Unanimous class agreement to share digital images would permit appropriate student media uploads and grant Zero Balancing organizations and ZB Faculty the right to use all such digital images without payment to, or further consent from, individual students.
Zero Balancing organizations take the privacy of your personal data very seriously. All data will be held securely by the ZBTF & ZBHA, both of whom may from time to time send you emails and postal items. Your statutory rights to opt out of receiving such materials are not affected. In addition, ZBTF & ZBHA will not share your data with any third party other than the International Association of Healthcare Educators (IAHE), with whom ZBHA has an ongoing working agreement. If you wish to opt out of this sharing, please notify the ZBHA in writing.
Personal Responsibility: By registering and paying for this or other ZB classes, you agree to assume responsibility for your own safety by complying with ZB faculty directions and instructions. You hereby also agree to disclose any contraindications prior to participating in the class.
By participating in this, or any subsequent Zero Balancing program, you hereby release the Zero Balancing Health Association (“ZBHA”) its chapters and exhibitors, the founder of Zero Balancing Frederick “Fritz” Smith MD, the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation (“ZBTF”) and ZB Faculty and their assistants, from all liability and responsibility for any damage, loss, injury to person or property suffered by you, or your clients, as a result of information received during this or subsequent Zero Balancing programs.