What is the ZB Certification Program?

The Zero Balancing Certification Program is a professional continuing education program that provides recognition for high-level skills and experience in working with body structure and energy through touch. Students are required to complete 100 course hours with options to choose one-on-one touch feedback and mentoring activities. Upon successful completion of the ZBHA Certification Program, candidates become Certified Zero Balancers (CZB) and members of the ZBHA. Membership benefits and status are maintained by paying yearly dues. Graduates become part of a national referral database on this website and on the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners website.

Why Join the Certification Program?

Simply stated, if you want to master Zero Balancing, Certification is the clearest, most structured and efficient path. The program offers a simple, self-paced track to progress from student to practitioner. Joining the program early in your study of ZB also gives you additional access to mentoring and community support. Once accepted as a Candidate in the ZB Certification Program, you will be on your way to deepening your skill devlopment and embodying the practice of Zero Balancing.

Who is Eligible to Join the ZB Certification Program?

The Zero Balancing Certification Program is open to licensed health care professionals. Additional information about professional training and current practice to determine eligibility is required for:
  • Health care professionals with no formal license and with an active practice of three years or longer;
  • Health care professionals with no formal license with an active practice of less than three years duration; and
  • Students enrolled in a professional healthcare training program that leads to a license or certification.
Please note that Zero Balancing certification does not provide a legal license to practice.

How Do I Apply For the Certification Program?

You can apply for the ZB Certification Program online here:

Certification Program Online Application

If you are a Core-Pak registrant, the cost of the CertificationProgam is included in your Core-Pak fees so there is no need to wait to apply. For more information about Core-Pak, click here. For those who are not in Core-Pak, the program fee is $600 and payment options are available.

We recommend joining the Certification Program as soon as posssible in your study of Zero Balancing. This will enhance your learning between courses and better prepare you for the practical exam.

What are the Zero Balancing Certification Program Requirements?

  • Minimum of 100 hours of ZB courses approved for certification credit
  • Pass Two Exams:
    • Written Exam
    • Practical Exam
  • Submit a Certification Program Evaluation to the ZBHA.
See sections below for details.

Zero Balancing Certification Courses

Required: Zero Balancing I and Zero Balancing II
Plus: Two certification electives from the following list:
  • Form and Fulcrums I
  • Freely Moveable Joints
  • Alchemy of Touch
  • Geometry of Healing
Note: Students may choose to repeat Zero Balancing I and/or Zero Balancing II as one or both of their certification electives.

Written and Practical Exams
Two exams are required: an online written exam and a hands-on practical exam. A candidate can request to take the online written exam when the minimum hours of course work have been completed. Candidates can support their success by focusing on giving and receiving ZB sessions and by receiving quality touch feedback from ZB faculty members. Attending Core ZB Advancing Skills days and ZB study groups is highly recommended.

The written exam is an online open-book, multiple-choice exam with questions on ZB protocol, ZB principles, and the information required to have a safe and effective ZB practice. Requests to take the written exam are made through the Zero Balancing Health Association at

Once the written exam has been completed and passed, candidates can arrange to take the practical exam with a member of the ZBHA Faculty. The practical exam requires the candidate to give a hands-on ZB session to a faculty member that meets the standards specified on the Practical Exam Form.

Program Evaluation
The final step to certification is submitting a Certification Program Evaluation to ZBHA. Once the evaluation is completed and returned to ZBHA, that’s it! ZBHA will provide a packet with a certificate and additional useful information.

If you have additional questions or need more information before applying, contact the Zero Balancing Health Association at 410-381-8956 or email at

If you are ready to apply for the ZB Certification Program, click the button below to go directly to the online application.

Certification Program Online Application

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