The Zero Balancing Certification Program transitions ZB students into Zero Balancing practitioners with a high level of skill.

Do you love learning ZB? Do you love giving and receiving ZBs? 

Do you want to stay engaged with your learning process between classes, have the ZB protocol in your hands, and dive deeper into ZB principles? 

Then Certification is for you!

Completing the Zero Balancing Certification Program:

  • Affirms your Core Zero Balancing skills, knowledge and dedication 
  • Elevates your professional status
  • Brings in new clients looking for ZB practitioners
  • Shows your clients that you are dedicated to delivering high quality service
  • Opens the door to making your unique contribution to the field of Zero Balancing 

The Path to Certification

The sooner you enroll in this program after taking Core Zero Balancing I or II, the sooner you’ll be energizing your ZB study and practice. Enrolling allows you to receive support, puts you on a strong path to learning ZB, and encourages self-directed learning activities between classes.  The program term is up to 3 years — plenty of time to take all of your classes, practice and receive ZBs, get feedback on your work, and take the exams.


Certified Zero Balancers have access to the registered trademarks of Zero Balancing and a professional listing on the ZBHA website. After an initial grace period, graduates maintain this status by paying annual membership dues to the ZBHA. 


As a Certified ZB Practitioner, you will be able to: 

  • Represent Zero Balancing through your work with clients and outreach efforts
  • Train to become a Certified Mentor or Zero Balancing teacher
  • Belong to an exciting and supportive community of practitioners who embody ZB principles and are committed to service
  • Serve on various organizational committees within the ZBHA and the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation
  • Make the world a better place through Zero Balancing

The ZB community is wonderful. Shared principles such as holding each other in high regard, meeting at Interface and empowering growth and transformation make this a unique and joy-filled group to belong to.  Practitioners love their work and feel excited to share ZB with the larger world. 


Eligibility: If you are a licensed healthcare professional or a healthcare professional with no formal license but with an active practice of three years or longer, you are eligible for immediate acceptance.  If you are a healthcare professional with no formal license and with an active practice of less than three years duration, OR if you are a student enrolled in a professional healthcare training program, you will be asked additional questions about your training during the application process.


We’d love to have you join the program! 

Click here to learn more and access the application which takes only minutes to complete.