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"If Zero Balancing has made a difference in your life, we encourage you to join the ZBHA and support our growing community."

Membership in the Zero Balancing Health Association

Your involvement is vital to the future of Zero Balancing. Our training programs and grassroots promotional efforts depend upon the participation and leadership of members. If you are ready to become a Zero Balancing Practitioner, please join the Certification Program. If you are Certified, please renew your membership at the Certified or Retired levels.

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Membership Levels

Certified Membership — $150/year
For graduates of the Certification Program and active practitioners of Zero Balancing Stay connected, informed, and engaged as you work to bring the gifts of Zero Balancing to more people. Membership includes a full-page practitioner listing on

Retired Membership — $50/year
For certified ZB practitioners who are retired or no longer practicing Stay connected to and involved in the ZB community while supporting our mission and programs.

NOTE: Certified Zero Balancers who have not paid dues for 5 years and wish to renew their membership are required to take a practical exam with a faculty member, paying a fee of $100 directly to the Faculty member. Once the practical exam is passed, the practitioner is then eligible for reinstatement as an active member by paying dues of $150. A dues reminder notice and invoice will be sent.

If the practitioner does not pass the practical exam, they are given constructive feedback by the faculty and offered options for moving towards successfully passing a follow – up exam. The fee for retaking the exam is $100, again paid directly to the Faculty Member.

To join the Certification Program or renew your Certification Candidate Membership, or for any other questions? Please contact the ZBHA.

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