Our Association

"The mission of the Zero Balancing Health Association is to help people experience health, well-being and wholeness by facilitating the study, practice and development of Zero Balancing."

Who We Are

The Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA) is a membership organization that serves the Zero Balancing community of North America. The ZBHA is comprised of our dedicated office staff, talented faculty, and growing community of practitioners. Much of the curriculum development, promotional work, website creation, and policy development within our organization happens thanks to ZBHA members who volunteer in leadership positions and as committee members. Our board members, faculty, mentors and certified practitioners are the ambassadors of Zero Balancing, and we are proud of the passion and creativity within our association.


ZBHA Board of Directors

The ZBHA Board of Directors, from left to right: Dr. Michele Doucette, Chair; Megan Lavery, President; Jenny Ash (staff); Cynthia Allred, Board Member; Jennifer Allen, Secretary.

The ZBHA Office Staff

The ZBHA office is staffed by Jenny Ash, ZBHA Consulting Director, and Stevie Johns, our Operations Consultant.

Feel free to contact the office with questions about Zero Balancing, classes, certification, practitioners, membership, and products and general inquiries.

ZBHA Faculty

Faculty members arrange, promote and administer the Zero Balancing courses they teach. Faculty also guide the development of the Zero Balancing curriculum, develop policies related to teaching, and create new courses under guidelines set by the Zero Balancing Foundation. Learn more.

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