"ZB practitioners learn to be aware of their physical and energetic boundaries as well as those of their clients."

Zero Balancing Principles

Work at Interface

A key to the effectiveness of Zero Balancing is continual clarity regarding the boundary where the client and practitioner meet. A ZB practitioner learns to be aware of both his or her physical and energetic boundaries as well as those of the client. This principle fosters mutual safety and respect and can enhance all forms of bodywork and relationships.

Hold yourself and others in the highest personal regard

This principle frames relationships with oneself and others in all Zero Balancing classes, and is embodied in every Zero Balancing session.

Ground and center yourself before working

This principle heightens the efficacy of Zero Balancing and keeps practitioners feeling healthy, strong and energized.

Allow changes to occur with engagement, stillness and a clear disconnect

Zero Balancing practitioners don’t force any changes, but rather create the conditions for clients to balance themselves. Zero Balancing fulcrums deeply engage the client’s body and mind and promote rapid reorganization. Once the fulcrum is released, integration occurs.