Life In The Bones

Biography of Dr. Fritz Frederick Smith

Life in the Bones: A Biography of Dr. Fritz Smith and Zero Balancing
By David Lauterstein, LMT, CZB, ZB Faculty

Biography of Dr. Fritz Frederick Smith

Learn the life story of Dr. Fritz Smith and the revolutionary body-mind therapy he founded–Zero Balancing (ZB). Life in the Bones, by ZB instructor and author David Lauterstein offers new insights into Dr. Smith's early influences, intellectual and spiritual pursuits, heart and passions that led to the development and teaching of Zero Balancing. Life in the Bones takes the reader on this exhilarating journey through the author's insightful weaving of biographical and historical events, along with personal recollections and full color photos and drawings offered by Dr. Smith's colleagues, students, and family.

A beautiful hard-bound book, Life in the Bones is a treasure for anyone interested in bodywork, the convergence of Eastern and Western medicine, the evolution of alternative healthcare, and body-mind healing. It is the first biography of any major figure in modern bodywork in 25 years. A thoughtful gift, the book is an unparalleled resource for all clients, students and practitioners of Zero Balancing, yoga, meditation, and other touch therapy systems.

7” x 9” hardback |   $42.95 each

Available through the Zero Balancing Health Association's Book Store.



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