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Happy 94th birthday to ZB Founder
Dr. Fritz Smith on May 11
ZB Transformation

ZB IS 50! (1973 to 2023 and beyond)

A letter to the ZB community from Founder Dr. Fritz Smith

2023 is the 50th anniversary of Zero Balancing –

our Golden Jubilee!!! It is a time of celebration

and a time to give thanks to the hundreds of

people who have made this possible – ZB

Practitioners, ZB Teachers and Students,

Committee Members, ZB Staff, Authors, Clients,

and, of course, The Zero Balancing Touch

Foundation, and our International ZB

Associations. It is a time to give extra special

recognition to those folks who have worn

multiple hats during this time. ZB continues to

prove its healing effectiveness and remains a springboard of creativity. With

this 50-year history, the future of Zero Balancing looks very promising. I wish

we could all be here for its 75th anniversary – the Sapphire Jubilee!!

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