First Certified Mentors Graduate

The first cohort of ZBHA Certified Mentors graduated on April 17, 2021 in Vermont. Congratulations!
The MAP graduates and facultyPlease welcome the first Certified Mentors 

The first cohort of ZBHA Certified Mentors graduated on April 17, 2021 at Michele Doucette's teaching retreat and home known as Eden in Vermont. The graduates successfully co-created and completed the nine-month pilot Mentor Advancement Program or MAP, taught by Michele Doucette, Lisa Berger and Amanda King, which met in person and online from June 2020 – April 2021. The seven new Mentors embody Zero Balancing principles and are trained to assist students at all stages of their Zero Balancing journey, from Core ZB I through Certification and beyond. The Mentors offer one-to-one coaching, touch feedback, listening skills, advanced framing, peer mentoring, Core ZB class assisting, practice building, and can coach students through coursework and certification. If you need to practice for the for the written and practical Certification exams, please contact a Mentor. You can find them by searching for Mentors in the practitioner search on

The seven Certified Mentors are: Chris Allen (upstate NY), Sarah-Elizabeth Anderson (central NH), Diane Bazin (VT), Leslie Connell (GA), Alison Mott (VT), Beverly Peirson (RI), and Suzan Sutton (VT). Three of the graduates—Chris Allen, Diane Bazin and Alison Mott—have  volunteered to serve on the brand new Mentor Committee to interface with ZB students, mentors and teachers and support the ZBHA with wisdom and heart.

The next Mentor Advancement Program starts in July 2021 in Vermont. Details and applications are available to Certified Zero Balancers by contacting Amanda King, 

Quote from Lilac Tree by Diane Bazin, Certified Mentor
“The MAP program grew and flourished as did the Lilac Tree. We developed a stronger foundation, our roots growing deep into Mother Earth…Pausing each time at the Blue Line, we could see the beauty of her inner landscape, the beauty of the blossoming, the wonder of the Mentor Advancement Program, allowing each Donkey to go into the box ever so gently, creating a magnificent fulcrum.”



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