Annual Zero Balancing Community Benefit

2022 Zero Balancing Community Virtual Benefit (ZBCB)

Oct 29th & 30th
2pm - 5pm EST


We invite you to join us in 2022, from wherever you are!


Join us for the Zero Balancing Community Benefit on October 29th and 30th from 2-5 pm EST. We will be offering a virtual format this year with many shorter presentations and a chance to connect with other ZB’ers and Faculty. Learn more about the clavicle - the sacred key- and the most up-to-date research and how you can get involved; learn about the stories held in the bones; how to engage spirit through touch; how to work with gender-related topics through touch.

This is a great opportunity for LEANING IN … TO BONE … TO COMMUNITY … TO SPIRIT … TO LOVE.

Reconnect and feed your soul!
We look forward to seeing you. 
💖, Sheila Lukasiewich & Karen Senffner (ZBCB 2022 Planning Committee)


When: October 29 & 30, 2pm - 5pm EST
Where: Zoom
Theme: Leaning Into...bone, community, love, spirit

Cost: Full Event - $125 | One Day - $75.00
Full Program:

Saturday, October 29, 2022

2:00pm EST: Opening
2:20pm EST: Offering by Michele Doucette, Spirit/Bone
2:50pm EST: Community Building Breakouts
3:05pm EST: Offering by David Lauterstein, Bone - The Clavicle
3:35pm EST: Offering by Jennifer Allen, Movement/Breathing
3:50pm EST: Offering by Jim McCormick, Transformation/Spirit
4:20pm EST: Offering by Ida Smith, Aging Bone/Spirit
4:50pm EST: Closing 

Sunday, October 30, 2022

2:00pm EST: Welcome Pyramid with Megan Lavery
2:15pm EST: Offering by Michael Oruch, 5-Minute ZB and Principles of Restorative ZB
2:50pm EST: Offering by Mary Murphy & Dr. Misty Rhoads, Community/Research
3:20pm EST: Community Building Breakouts
3:35pm EST: Offering by David Laden, Spirit
4:05pm EST: Breathing
4:20pm EST: Offering by Dr. Fritz Smith, Inner Smile Meditation & Current Thoughts of ZB
4:50pm EST: Closing 

If you can’t make it in person, you can sign up to receive access to the material.  Sessions will be recorded and made available to registrants after the event. (If you sign up for Saturday, you’ll get access to Saturday’s recordings, but not Sunday’s).

One week prior to the event, you will receive an email with all the details you'll need for downloading and logging onto Zoom, the virtual event platform.  We will also include how to contact us should you have any technical difficulties before or during the event.

To Register, Click here.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Join the herd of donkeys and let's deepen our lean!



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