Annual Zero Balancing Community Benefit

2022 Zero Balancing Community Virtual Benefit (ZBCB)

Oct 29th & 30th
2pm - 5pm EST


We invite you to join us in 2022, from wherever you are!


Join us for the Zero Balancing Community Benefit on October 29th and 30th from 2-5 pm EST. We will be offering a virtual format this year with many shorter presentations and a chance to connect with other ZB’ers and Faculty. Learn more about the clavicle - the sacred key- and the most up-to-date research and how you can get involved; learn about the stories held in the bones; how to engage spirit through touch; how to work with gender-related topics through touch.

This is a great opportunity for LEANING IN … TO BONE … TO COMMUNITY … TO SPIRIT … TO LOVE.

Reconnect and feed your soul!
We look forward to seeing you. 
💖, Sheila Lukasiewich & Karen Senffner (ZBCB 2022 Planning Committee)

When: October 29 & 30, 2pm - 5pm EST

Where: Zoom
Theme: Leaning Into...bone, community, love, spirit

Cost: Full Event - $125 | One Day - $75.00
Full Program:

Saturday, October 29, 2022

2:00pm EST: Welcome and meditation - Sheila Lukasiewich and Karen Senffner

2:20pm EST: Michelle Doucette - The Spirit of the Chest

Fulcrums in the upper back can open the door for a client's spirit to flow into the world and blossom. Fulcrums near the scapula can send the vitality and warmth of love to every cell of the body and align a person’s consciousness to the world with clarity, presence, and power.. Fulcrums in the chest can influence the clients’ spirit to feel safe, to settle and reside in the present, to be resurrected after trauma and loss, to be nourished, acknowledged, and called to action. Michele will share why this neighborhood of the body is so rich for the spirit and will demonstrate one fulcrum that can support and integrate these possibilities for the client.

2:50pm EST: Breakout - Connect to Community

3:05pm EST: David Lauterstein - The Clavicle, the Sacred Key; Adventures in the Memory Palace

Ida Rolf considered the clavicle the most important bone of the shoulder girdle. The Dogon tribe in Mali recognize the clavicle as the primary bone in the formation of a human. It is the first bone to ossify in the embryo. Clavicle (from clavis – “key”) is indeed a living place in us through which we can unlock secrets related to breath, heart, wingspan, and more. In this workshop we will discuss an imaginative approach to the clavicle and learn a simple yet powerful clavicular fulcrum.

3:35pm EST: Jennifer Allen - Movement Break

3:50pm EST: Jim McCormick - ZB and Transformation

We are all hardwired for Transformation and self-actualization. Why is ZB so good at facilitating transformation and how can I make it more likely that my clients will have a more transformative experience.

4:20pm EST: Ida Smith - Advanced Aging and ZB: Compassionate Self Care

Some of Life’s Mysteries are never talked about. What occurs to each and every one of us after Middle Age is one of those. We will take a good look at the territory and some of the ways to maintain and improve health and function during this fascinating adventure.
4:50pm EST: Closing Ritual

Sunday, October 30, 2022

2:00pm EST: Megan Lavery - Welcome Pyramid

2:15pm EST: Michael Oruch - The 5 Minute Restorative ZB


Michael will present his Five Minute Zero Balancing protocol that he has been teaching for the past few years. He will discuss the theory behind the protocol and how to make it a successful stand alone ZB if you only have a short time to work.


Michael will also present some theory from The Restorative ZB class and how to incorporate this information into the Five Minute ZB. Using this information can make the Five Minute ZB session a more powerful and integrative experience.


While giving a short Zero Balancing session we find our focus and attention are heightened, each fulcrum more significant. The experience can, on its own, be quite full, transcendent, and potent, for both the client and the ZB practitioner.


In this presentation, we will have the opportunity to see a demo , to ask questions, and to progress our skill level and understanding of Zero Balancing.

2:50pm EST: Mary Murphy and Misty Rhoads - Leaning into Discovery: Recognizing your Innate Wisdom

Ready to see how amazing you already are? Misty and Mary will discuss the wisdom and skills you already hold as a practitioner researcher and the mutual benefits of engaging in research for the ZB practitioner, their clients, and the wider community. We will highlight recent research insights (including the current study on ZB and Anxiety) and practical, accessible ways to build a solid foundation to elevate the role of transformative touch for human well-being.

3:20pm EST: Community Building Breakouts

3:35pm EST: David Laden - ZB and the Power of Stillness

Only in a state of stillness in the body/mind can we become aware of the deeper layers of who we truly are, Spirit revealing itself from within. Zero Balancing is designed to evoke this inner state where we can let go of negative influences and defense mechanisms that inhibit our ability to live in freedom and love more fully. This presentation will address how ZB amplifies anatomical and physiological forces that provide energy for expanded states of consciousness.

4:05pm EST: Jennifer Allen - Movement/Breathing Break

4:20pm EST: Dr. Fritz Smith - Currents thoughts on ZB and Inner Smile Meditation to close

4:50pm EST: Closing 

If you can’t make it in person, you can sign up to receive access to the material.  Sessions will be recorded and made available to registrants after the event. (If you sign up for Saturday, you’ll get access to Saturday’s recordings, but not Sunday’s).

One week prior to the event, you will receive an email with all the details you'll need for downloading and logging onto Zoom, the virtual event platform.  We will also include how to contact us should you have any technical difficulties before or during the event.

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