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Future of the Body CD by Fritz Smith, MD

Audio presentation of speech given by Dr. Fritz Smith in May 1999 during a Zero Balancing Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

Price: $10.00

This speech was given by Dr. Fritz Smith in May 1999 during a Zero Balancing Conference at the Baltimore Holistic Health Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The title of the conference was Bridging Energy and Structure.

“As I reviewed the Future of the Body presentation from the ZB Conference in 1999, I was amazed how pertinent the information still is today. Touch and human caring are more relevant to personal, client and global health now than ever before.” Fritz Smith, MD, Founder of Zero Balancing

“As I listen to Future of the Body by Dr. Fritz Smith, the Founder of Zero Balancing, I am excited by his insistence on the power of touch. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to Zero Balancing, Dr. Smith lays out the theory and the practice of informed touch with masterful clarity. Future of the Body is important for anyone involved in health care–either as giver or receiver. I highly recommend it.” John Franklin – ZB faculty and author of Gift of the Jaguar

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