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Waking to Eden by Michele Morgan Doucette

Waking to Eden is a true story about a Vermont woman who, after a traumatic event, and facing a diagnosis of autoimmune disease, set herself on a path to health by re-programming the energetic disease in her own DNA. A leading-edge body/mind therapy (Zero Balancing) plays a pivotal role in creating a portal thorugh which the author finds she can effect cellular change by illuminating her rightful place among ancestors. An intimate view into the raw secret of miscarriage offers a timely and unique perspective of autoimmune disease is discovered, and through which a world of light and benevolence reveals itself.

Waking to Eden explores the possibility of changing our DNA by changing our beliefs and offers a truly integral view of natural health care, energy medicine, and natural living. It is a simple and accessible story about an ordinary life told from an extraordinary perspective in which cats speak from the afterlife, unborn children offer guidance, houses are alive, DNA is malleable, and human hands heal. Bubbling beneath the surface are all the implications of a quantum universe based on leading edge science: parallel lifetimes, altered states of consciousness, synchronicity, field theory, energy medicine, vibrational chemistry, epigenetics, and holographic healing.

Price: $22.00

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