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Putting the Soul Back in the Body: A Manual of Imaginative Anatomy for Massage Therapists by David Lauterstein

A manual of Imaginative Anatomy for Massage Therapists

Price: $22.00

Describes approaches for massage therapists as they work with clients' various muscles that also help clients to be directly aware of their nonconscious, subcortical self. By working with 'educated' hands, hearts and minds, we help people know themselves better... (spiral bound , 73 pp.)

David Lauterstein, BA, LMT, Cert. ZB, TLC School Co-Director, MTI has been in massage and bodywork practice since 1977 and has become one of the most highly respected international educators in the massage therapy realm. He regularly teaches in England and throughout the U.S since 1982. He is the author of the book, Putting the Soul Back in the Body: A Manual of Imaginative Anatomy for Massage Therapists, numerous articles on the philosophy and practice of massage and bodywork, and is the former editor of the national magazine, Massage Therapy Journal. He is certified in Structural Bodywork and in Zero Balancing and is the founder of Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method. He is a faculty member of the Zero Balancing Health Association. His background prior to massage therapy was in philosophy and music composition (BA, U of Illinois, 1972).

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