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Zero Balancing by John Hamwee

Describes Zero Balancing and explains how and why it works.

Price: $24.95

This classic book remains a definitive guide to Zero Balancing and explains how and why the therapy works. Providing examples of particular clients, their problems and their experiences of the sessions, John Hamwee brings Zero Balancing to life for practitioners who want to expand their bodywork practice with this powerful and increasingly popular therapy.

Uniquely, Zero Balancing simultaneously touches the bones and joints of the body and the flows of energy through them. Areas of the body where there is a loss of function or potential due to stress, accident or habit can be restored to full vitality. With illustrations conveying the experience of a Zero Balancing session, this book explains the practice alongside a more general description of the anatomy and physiology of energy: where it flows, how it behaves and its relationship to the structure of the body. It reveals the very foundations of the use of energy in healing and shows how to enhance the effects of any therapy which involves touch.

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