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The Deep Massage Book - How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork by David Lauterstein

The Deep Massage Book singularly explores a new philosophy and practice of massage, describing an approach to touch therapy that affects clients deeply, not necessarily with more pressure, but with a more profound and vital connection.

Price: $39.95

In a world where virtual reality holds prominence, hunger for the experience of actual reality becomes more pronounced and urgently necessary. The Deep Massage Book conveys a powerful therapeutic route for optimized wellness and wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

For therapists, The Deep Massage Book enhances technique and expands understanding of the interaction of structure and energy in the human being. For students, The Deep Massage Book offers clearly articulated and beautifully illustrated techniques that will add immeasurably to any therapeutic repertoire. For all interested in complementary healthcare, The Deep Massage Book journeys into an exhilarating exploration of the remarkable evolution of touch therapies in the last 50 years. It shows how the principles of Deep Massage are relevant not only for individual health issues, but to greater social health issues including touch deprivation, social anxiety, and the devaluation of human connection.

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