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Salem, MA
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Amanda King

Amanda King

Licensed Massage Therapist

"I had my first ZB session in 2002 and it was a life-changing event. I immediately wanted to study ZB, even though I had no prior bodywork experience. I loved it so much, I decided to change my path, and attended massage school soon afterwards at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge. I was fortunate enough from the beginning of my massage career to see how important it is to have a beginner's mind when learning any form of bodywork. My wonderful ZB teachers helped me maintain that freshness every step of the way.

Learning Zero Balancing can bring delight, awareness and relief -- to your clients, your world and to yourself. ZB can also enhance any other form of bodywork or healthcare practice in that it allows for clearer, stronger relationships to one's client and to oneself. I use ZB extensively in my own massage therapy practice as a standalone therapy or woven into massage sessions.

I am thrilled to be a part of the ZB community and ZB faculty. I served on the ZBHA Board of Directors for 8 years. I now teach and practice in Salem, Massachusetts and around the Northeast. I also mentor ZB students and host the Boston area ZB study group. I'm currently training with Judith Sullivan and Mary Murphy to teach advanced ZB classes to address the skull and the viscera. ZB principles can apply to any part of the body.

I look forward to sharing Zero Balancing magic with you.

Amanda is certified to teach ZB I, ZB II, Alchemy of Touch, Fabulous Fulcrums, Geometry of Healing, Zero Balancing Expanded: Addressing the Skull, Zero Balancing Expanded: Addressing the Viscera and Advancing Skills Days for each of these courses.

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