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Zero Balancing Course

Zero Balancing II

Course Description:

Zero Balancing II is the second half of the Core Zero Balancing program in which students review the material from ZB I while learning new fulcrums and expanding their understanding of how and why Zero Balancing is so effective. ZB II is highly recommended for all ZB practitioners who have not taken a ZB course in a while as it includes the most up-to-date methods for performing Zero Balancing.

You Will Learn:

  • A review of the basic ZB protocol with an emphasis on quality of touch, focus and positioning of the practitioner
  • To deepen your understanding of ZB theory, principles and techniques
  • Additional techniques to create an expanded protocol
  • New skills and coordination in handling energy and structure
  • How to frame or set goals for a ZB session
  • To advance your ability to work with expanded states of consciousness
  • To give and receive constructive peer feedback
  • To acquire experience in preparation for advanced study


“New fulcrums = more possibilities for treatment.”
-Alan Willoughby, MT

“I feel that ZB will benefit most people physically and emotionally and I will be incorporating ZB in my practice.”
-Ted Suga, LMT

“Wonderful review, great insights into ZB and clarification of principles.”
-Marcia Ferry, LMT

“The fuller attention to theory, the honor of the work, the clean, clear intentions – not only apply in my practice but my life.”
-Katie Clark, MT

“This course expands my ‘toolbox’. It gives me more confidence in my bodywork.“
-Ann Alesio

“Whether I’m doing ZB or with the other therapeutic approaches I use, it has given me a framework with which to work. It has also improved my palpation skills. So many of the ZB techniques are applicable to the pain patients I treat.”
-Martha Plescia, PT

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(60+ days in advance)

Early Registration: $695.00
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Tuition: $795.00
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Zero Balancing Faculty

Course Length: 4 days
CE Hours: 25

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Zero Balancing I. Students are encouraged to acquire practical experience with the ZB protocol in preparation for ZB II.

Recommended Reading:
Inner Bridges by Fritz Smith, MD, The Alchemy of Touch by Fritz Smith, MD

This course satisfies requirements for the Zero Balancing Certification Program

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