The Zero Balancing Certification Program

The Zero Balancing Certification Program is a professional continuing education program that provides recognition for high-level skills and experience in working with body structure and energy through touch. Students are required to complete 100 course hours with options to choose one-on-one touch feedback and mentoring activities. Certification Program candidates are tested on both their knowledge of the Zero Balancing principles and protocol as well as ethics and hands-on skills in written and practical exams. Successful completion of the program earns the practitioner the right to call themselves a Certified Zero Balancer (CZB) and graduates become part of a national referral database on this website and on the Upledger Institute's International Association of Healthcare Practitioners website.

Why Certify?
Simply stated, if you want to master Zero Balancing, certification is the clearest and most efficient path. If you want to incorporate ZB into your practice, you will certainly benefit from developing and evaluating your ZB skills in a paced and structured way. In addition, as soon as you are a candidate in the program, you are recognized as a member of the Zero Balancing Health Association, and receive a searchable practitioner profile page on the Zero Balancing Practitioner page.

ZB Certification and Being a Health Care Professional Having a successful Zero Balancing practice requires both Zero Balancing skills and the skills of practicing ZB as a health care professional. We at the ZBHA are responsible for helping students’ progress through a training process to become skilled practitioners of ZB. However, it is outside the scope of our program to fully train people in a new career as a health care professional. We expect that all certification candidates will get their basic professional training elsewhere.

Professional training involves acquiring information and skills to practice within a particular profession. Such training is also a structured process of engagement that transitions one’s awareness to be able to provide objective, ethical, and grounded consultations and treatments as a health care provider. We trust that having successfully completed a previous course of study, certification applicants will be prepared to offer Zero Balancing to clients with awareness of their own skills, scope of practice, areas of limitation, and options for both referral and professional supervision when needed.

We recognize that some people come into their professional practice through unconventional programs of study and practice. In these cases, we ask for more information about the applicant’s training, current health care practice and professional support networks. If we feel that their training, experience and/or professional support is insufficient, we will discuss options by which an applicant can get additional training and/or supervision prior to either entering or completing the ZB Certification Program.

Summary of Certification Eligibility Requirements:
The following individuals are automatically eligible for the certification program:

-Licensed health care professionals

The following types of applicants are asked to provide additional information about professional training, current practice and support systems to determine their eligibility for certification in Zero Balancing. These applicants include:

-Health care professionals with no formal license and with an active practice of three years or longer
-Health care professionals with no formal license with an active practice of less than three years duration
-Students enrolled in a professional healthcare training program that leads to a license or certification

Note: Zero Balancing certification does not provide a license to practice health care.

Summary of Zero Balancing Certification Program requirements:
1. Minimum of 100 hours of ZB Courses:
• Zero Balancing I
• Zero Balancing II
• Two Certification Electives**: Form and Fulcrums I, Freely Moveable Joints, Alchemy of Touch, or Geometry of Healing

**Note: students may choose to repeat Zero Balancing I and/or Zero Balancing II as one or both of their certification electives. ZB faculty and staff are available to discuss this option. 

2. Pass Two Exams:
• Written Exam: Open-book, multiple choice exam with questions on the ZB protocol, ZB principles, and the information required to have a safe and effective Zero Balancing practice.
• Practical Exam: Giving a Zero Balancing to a ZBHA faculty member that meets the standards specified on the Practical Exam Form.

3. Submit a Certification Program Evaluation to the ZBHA.

For Additional Information including more details about recommended activities please download the Certification Program Application Package below.

“…for me certification was a wonderful and very “do-able” process…filled with joy, support, learning and growth. People with different needs and different styles can navigate through it creatively in a way that serves them.”


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