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Course Title: ZB Geometry of Healing Advanced Palpation Skills
Course Date(s): February 28, 2020 - March 02, 2020
Instructor(s): Giovanni Pescetto, Larry Adams
Location: Baltimore, MD

Geometry of Healing (GOH): Advanced Palpation Skills is an advanced level Zero Balancing course that teaches students how to examine in depth the physiological signs that indicate improvement in how the body holds tension.  The principles of this course are based on a biophysics model, which applies the approaches and methods of physics to study the body.  Using manual techniques called fulcrums, students deepen their ability to evaluate and balance the key joints of the skeletal system through bilateral palpation. Students will learn the methodology of layering fulcrums.  An in depth understanding of the body and precise palpation skills are addressed.  Material covers information from the fields of quantum physics and holographic theory and how they relate to the world of touch.  Designed to take the student into a fuller investigation of how the body holds tension within the tissues, this class provides advanced evaluation and assessment techniques, which can address areas that have not responded completely to other methods.

You Will Learn:

  • • Theoretical overview of how the field of biophysics can be used to study biological systems and its application to the touch principles of Zero Balancing
  • Feedback signals useful for the practitioner to pace the session
  • Teachings designed to deepen basic Zero Balancing skills and protocol use
  • How to layer multiple fulcrums
  • Through exchanges of Zero Balancing sessions and demonstrations

“This has been one of the most powerful and magical and yet scientific ZB classes I have taken. Principles of quantum physics and field theory – that could potentially be so abstract and hard to grasp – gain structure in that we can access them with our hands through the body.” Amanda King, LMT

“I have learned to find things in the body I overlooked or brushed off before. I have definitely fine-tuned my skills." Sherry Raymond, MT

“We got the whole world in 4 days! GOH has given me very clear specific avenues with which to deepen my momentary and overall understanding of structure, energy, how they interface and how to address difficulties. It adds new dimension to how I approach life and work within life.” Katharine Birdsall

“[Geometry of Healing helped] me be more grounded; get in and do the work and get out – with quiet mind.” Sue Riggs, LPC

Course Location & Times:

Residential address upon registration

Baltimore, MD


Super Saver: $595.00
(60+ days in advance)

Early Registration: $695.00
(30-60 days in advance)

Tuition: $795.00
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Giovanni Pescetto
Larry Adams

Course Length: 4 days
CE Hours: 25
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Zero Balancing I and Zero Balancing II

This course satisfies requirements for the Zero Balancing Certification Program

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