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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Form and Fulcrums II with M.Oruch NY, NY

Start Date: 4/10/2021 9:30 AM EDT
End Date: 4/11/2021 5:30 PM EDT

Venue Name: Michael Oruch Studio

137 Bowery Fl 4
New York, NY  United States  10002

Organization Name: Michael Oruch

Michael Oruch
Phone: (212) 219-8145

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives in so many ways. Zero Balancing classes are no exception. COVID-19 has impacted the manner in which we are able to offer in-person ZB classes and has provided new challenges in how we safeguard the health of our students, our classes and our faculty.

In order to register for this class, you will need to have read and agreed to the Covid In Class Protocols and Guidelines and the Covid Risk and Liability Waiver.

Form & Fulcrums II                
                  “ Finding Rhythm & Utilizing Movement
                 in Zero Balancing”


COURSE TITLE: Form & Fulcrums II




PREREQUISITE: Form & Fulcrums I

PRICE:  $350, Repeat: $175


Developed and taught by Michael Oruch, Form & Fulcrums II accesses and works with Rhythm in

relationship to Zero Balancing.

During this class we will learn how to access and work with Rhythm, Movement and Moving Fulcrums in your Zero Balancing sessions.
There are many rhythm’s to be aware of in ZB – the client’s rhythm, our rhythm, the underlying rhythm of the bones and skeleton, and the rhythm of each fulcrum individually as well as now they orchestrate with each other during the entire session
ZB at its best can be very dance-like, fun and exciting, Finding and using rhythm is a key to doing and effective and wonderful Zero Balancing session.
There are many aspects to utilizing movement in ZB. One is of course, using moving fulcrums during your session some of which we know from Core ZB.   In this class Michael will teach a number of new moving fulcrums and new applications for the ones we already know.
The other aspect of movement is its use in addressing tenacious held energy and tensions in the body. Many times we need an additional something to address these problematic areas. We will lean how to add the additional factor of movement to our stationary fulcrums and also how to use movement and vectors to help release and mobilize held tension in the skeletal system.
Once we know these principles they open many other avenues of exciting exploration to our Zero Balancing sessions.
In the class we will learn and explore:
·       Finding the rhythm of your client
·       Recognizing your own rhythm and tendencies
·       How to use local and integrating fulcrums together
·       How to establish the rhythm of your ZB session
·       How to transition from one fulcrum or area to another
·       The principles and utilization of moving fulcrums
·      How to address tenacious held tensions
·      How to improvise and be more creative in your ZB sessions


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