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Thursday, October 10, 2024

Touching The Whole Person with J. McCormick, CO

Start Date: 10/6/2024 7:00 PM EDT
End Date: 10/10/2024 2:00 PM EDT

Venue Name: Joyful Journey Hotspring Resort

28640 County Rd 58EE
Moffat, CO  United States  81143

Organization Name: Joyful Journey

Joanna Johnson
Phone: (719) 480-2845

Registration Requirements
The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives in so many ways. Zero Balancing classes are no exception. COVID-19 has impacted the manner in which we are able to offer in-person ZB classes and has provided new challenges in how we safeguard the health of our students, our classes, and our faculty.

In order to register for this class, you will need to have read and agreed to the Covid In Class Protocols and Guidelines and the Covid Risk and Liability Waiver. In addition, please complete our online photo release form.

The registration process for this class requires either full tuition payment or a promo code indicating that you have made arrangements to pay the teacher directly. Contact the teacher if you want to make such arrangements. 

COURSE TITLE: Touching the Whole Person




PRICE: $795.00, SuperSaver $595.00, Early $695.00, Repeat $350.00

Use Promo Code ZBHA200 by August 6, 2024 for SuperSaver Rate
Use Promo Code ZBHA100 by September 6, 2024 for EarlyBird Rate

Course Description:

Touching the Whole Person helps you to identify the archetypal signature of the five elemental emotions through touch and to provide fulcrums to help balance these emotions. You will learn to feel more deeply into the held energy in the bone and the

energetic field; to go beyond merely identifying an imbalance in a joint or bone to learning to identify the quality of the energy held in the imbalance – including the client’s emotions, self-image, concerns, etc. The course will include work on framing, processing, and listening to both the words of the client and their body’s messages.

You will learn:

  • To enhance your evaluation skills with more depth and precision
  • About placing fulcrums into different realms -- emotions, wellness, core self, basic energetic imbalance
  • To identify your own blocks while progressing as a Zero Balancer

What Participants say about Touching the Whole Person:

"I think Jim McCormick's class, 'Touching the Whole Person,’ is one of the most

important classes I've ever taken. It deepened my sensitivity and progressed my

ZBs." -Judith Sullivan, ZBHA Faculty

“I find Zero Balancing as done by Jim McCormick to be almost magical. No

matter the need – physical, emotional, or spiritual – ZB offers relief. It has been

my bodywork of choice for many years.” -Rita Rice, LMT

Have questions?
Feel free to reach Jim McCormick at 508-736-6968 / or ZB Faculty Jo Johnson who is hosting the class at Joyful Journey, (719) 480-2845 /

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