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Monday, September 12, 2022

Zero Balancing and Outer Bridges: The Pineal Gland and the Heart of ZB, with L. Adams, MD

Start Date: 9/9/2022 9:00 AM EDT
End Date: 9/12/2022 5:00 PM EDT

2235 Rogene Dr., # 203
Baltimore, MD  United States  21209

Organization Name: Larry Adams, CZB

Larry Adams
Phone: (443) 825-6559

COURSE TITLE: Zero Balancing and Outer Bridges: The Pineal Gland and the Heart of ZB
CE HOURS: Application in Progress (25 hours anticipated)
PRE-REQUISITES: CZB and Completion of Geometry of Healing OR Discretion of Teacher
Welcome to Zero Balancing and Outer Bridges: The Pineal Gland and the Heart of ZB.  This class will expand on the core ZB protocol with new fulcrums connecting the energy of the auric (toroidal) field with the body’s structure and energy, it’s “inner bridges.” Advanced practitioners will be introduced to fulcrums that work with the higher frequency energies of the upper seven chakras (above the head), transducing them through the pineal gland, thymus, and heart, to the lower seven (body) chakras of the core energy. Outer Bridges will lead the practitioner to a working framework of concepts related to the experience of following energy in this expanded state. It will encompass working with energy fields in various tissues of the body and how they relate to the outer bioenergy field, as well as accessing free-standing waveforms. Outer Bridges will further develop one’s ability to recognize and work with various aspects of self-referencing body signals and unique feedback loops.

In addition to working with the toroidal energy field and the pineal gland, we will work extensively with the heart for several reasons. First, because the heart is the largest generator of electromagnetic fields in the body, far greater even than that of the brain. Additionally, it has been well documented that that field extends beyond the body by as much as 3-10 feet, and as such influences the auric field. Second, it has been recognized that the heart acts as a “toning device” that harmonizes the energy coming into it from the pineal gland and the thymus, then uses that energy to set up the vibration of the whole body through transduction and distribution of the energy.  There are additional reasons which will be explored in class.

This course makes conscious and intentional, and then expands upon, fundamental skills and concepts already built into the core ZB protocol and principles. It will present the advanced zero balancing practitioner with the opportunity to not only build a bridge between the inner and outer energy fields, but to clear, balance, and bring them into coherence with one another as well. Finally, for our clients, it will help them take an even larger step in re-membering and clarifying their unique, whole, essential self.

You will learn:

  • The theories and principles of working with these higher frequency energies inside and outside the body on both a physiologic and energetic level
  • The functions of the outer chakras, pineal gland, heart, and thymus as energy transducers and how to use these effects in the fulcrums of the Outer Bridges protocol
  • How to build the bridges between the inner and outer energy fields of the body for clear channels and flows of subtle energy
  • To work with an expanded ZB protocol based on a 14-chakra model
  • The theory and application of the advanced fulcrums of this class
 What Participants Say About Outer Bridges:
“Larry is an exceptional and gifted practitioner and teacher of Zero Balancing.  In ‘Outer Bridges: The Pineal Gland and the Heart of ZB,’ my understanding and awareness of our inner and outer bridges [relationship of inner and outer energy fields-ed.] were clarified and expanded.  The fulcrums taught in this class opened new doors of awareness and possibilities for healing and expanded consciousness.  This class was a magical journey into new realms of the Zero Balancing experience.”  Melinda Paul, CZB

"[I] loved learning new fulcrums that connect to the field of energy that surrounds all of us.  All of the knee fulcrums are superb.  The fulcrum with the second hand on the side of the thigh [heart-pineal gland fulcrum-ed.] where one goes out through the pineal gland of the brain to connect into Source and bring the energy into and among the chakras, finally leaving the fulcrum in the heart is great! Also love the shoulder compression where one connects the person's energies from the feet and out to Source, holding and aligning the energy until it balances [grounding in spirit fulcrum-ed.], is a favorite of mine and I use most of these in every session." Doug Deming, CZB

“The fulcrums of this expanded protocol provide a connection between the inner and outer bridges that is quite clear, noticeable, and profound.  These new fulcrums appear to be clearing not only the energy and structure of the body, but that of the toroidal field as well, resulting in an even greater level of alignment, connection, and coherence.  This truly transforms the experience of ZB for both the client and the practitioner.” Lisa Shepard, CZB

Larry Adams is one of Dr. Fritz Smith’s very first Zero Balancing (ZB) students. He knew during his first ZB from Dr. Smith that this was what he was meant to do! He has been a practitioner since the late 1970s and a certified teacher since the first teacher training program in 1988. He brings a breadth and depth of knowledge and perspective that comes from a diversity of experiences with ZB. From doing upwards of 60-80 ZBs per week for AIDS patients in a busy medical practice, to his own private practice where he has clients he has been seeing for over 40 years. He is now seeing some of his client’s children and even a few grandchildren!

Because ZB is so much a part of both who Larry is, and of his life, he has dedicated himself to teaching and mentoring students with the goal of seeing those students through the completion of the certification process and beyond. Larry’s commitment to his student’s growth and development as “ZBers” is evidenced by the sense of community he creates not only in his classes, but in the Baltimore metro area as well. It extends beyond certification into ongoing mentorship if so desired. His commitment to teaching is obvious: for some time, he has offered a progressive cycle of the five core and advanced ZB classes on average twice per year, and for even longer, he assisted and/or co-taught the core ZB I and II classes with Dr. Smith that were held several times a year here in Baltimore.

Larry’s long-term and cross-generational relationships with his clients have provided him with a distinctive perspective on how they have benefited from ZB. He has garnered a crucial understanding of how their energy bodies changed not only over weeks, months and even years, but over decades. Whether you choose to join him for his unique new class (Zero Balancing and Outer Bridges: The Pineal Gland and the Heart of ZB), or for one of the many core and advanced classes he teaches, he looks forward to sharing all things ZB with you!


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