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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Freely Moveable Joints with M Lavery & L Berger, FL

Start Date: 2/29/2024 9:00 AM EST
End Date: 3/3/2024 3:00 PM EST

Venue Name: Private Residence

Heather Street
Fernandina Beach, FL  United States  32034

Organization Name: Megan Lavery

Megan Lavery
Phone: (270) 791-6656

Taught by Lisa Berger & Megan Lavery

Tuition: $795  •  Super-Saver $595 •  Early $695  •  Repeat $350

As therapists of touch, we use our hands, wrists and arms as tools of engagement. In this class we receive fulcrums from our shoulder girdle to fingertips. We leave tuned up and empowered to address our client’s needs more fully.
— Lisa J. Berger

I love the skeleton: the simple beauty of how the joints work on a system of pulleys and levers, how the architectural design of each joint prescribes its movement.  The more I know about the skeleton, the more sense it makes.  FMJ expands our basic protocol in new ways that are fun, creative and empower the practitioner to discover/re-discover the joints and design their own fulcrums.  I am so excited to be teaching FMJ again with Lisa, and look forward to you joining us in this exploration.”
— Megan E. Lavery


FREELY MOVEABLE JOINTS is an advanced-level Zero Balancing course that expands our focus from the foundation and semi-foundation joints to include the “freely moveable joints” of the body. These joints present unique therapeutic challenges because of the variety of their anatomy and their great ranges of motion. By the end of the program you will have the skills to evaluate and balance freely moveable joints and the knowledge to devise your own fulcrums to meet the specific needs of a given situation.

We review basic ZB principles and highlight their application to a number of joints in light of their specific anatomy. The skills and education inherent in this course will broaden your Zero Balancing abilities and will improve your Zero Balancing sessions.

You will learn:

  • Highlights of Zero Balancing principles as they apply to FMJs
  • Upper extremity: shoulder girdle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers

  • Lower extremity: knee, ankle, metatarsals, toes

  • Accessing the sacro-iliac joint via the hip

  • The powerful acetabular hip fulcrum

  • Temporomandibular joint fulcrum

  • Direct bone fulcrums and ‘bone bending’

  • Teachings designed to deepen your ZB skills and protocol use

  • By watching ZB demonstrations and exchanging ZB sessions

What Participants Say About Freely Moveable Joints:

"More than specific fulcrums and evaluations, I appreciate the underlying principles about how to evaluate and construct a fulcrum. It was like being taught how to fish rather than enjoying a nice fish dinner." — Alison Mott, Certified ZB Mentor

"This course gives me more tools and confidence to work with elbows and knees and ankles and jaws.  Most importantly, FMJ deepened my understanding of ZB overall."  — Rachael Timberlake, LAC
"There was an abundance of practical information around joints that can apply to many clients. It will expand the capacity of my ZBs," — Suzan Sutton, Certified ZB Mentor

Prerequisite: Zero Balancing II

Space limited. Don’t wait to register and secure lodging!  
Contact us as soon as possible if you are considering taking the class.

Register by: December 29th and save $200, use code ZBHA200 at the end of the check out process
By January 29th and save $100, code ZBHA100
If you are repeating the class: use code ZBHARepeat.

To pay Megan directly by check, Venmo, credit card, or PayPal: Contact Megan to make an arrangement and then you will register using a special code.

The registration process includes reading and agreeing to our Covid class protocols and liability waiver described here.

ZBHA policies around cancelation of the course or withdrawal are described here.

Hours: 9-5, Friday & Saturday option of longer lunch and ending at 6, Sunday 9-3. Doors open at 8:30

Questions about the course contact Lisa or Megan; about the location: Megan.

Note: This class is in a private residence where a cat also lives.

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