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Saturday, December 7, 2024

ZB for Pregnancy & Post Partum with Rebekah Harbour, HI

Start Date: 12/7/2024 9:00 AM AKST
End Date: 12/10/2024 5:00 PM AKST

Venue Name: KokoSunFarm Jungle House

Pe'Ahi Road, Haiku
Haiku, HI  United States  96708

Event Website:

Organization Name: Rebekah Harbour

Rebekah Harbour
Phone: (808) 283-3339

In order to register for this class, you will need to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the
ZBHA Health and Participation Policy and the
ZBHA Tuition & Refund Policies.

Course Title: Zero Balancing for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Course Duration: 4 Days

Prerequisite: Certified ZB practitioner, or ZBI&ZBII and on the cert program.
25 CEUs


Course Overview:

This comprehensive course is designed to provide Zero Balancing practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively work with pregnant clients and those in the postpartum period. Through a combination of theoretical teachings, hands-on practice, and case studies, participants will gain a deep understanding of the unique needs and considerations involved in providing Zero Balancing sessions during pregnancy and postpartum. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to offer gentle, supportive, and transformative Zero Balancing sessions to clients in this important stage of their lives.


You will learn to:
1.Understand the unique physiological, hormonal, and energetic changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum.


2.Identify safety considerations and contraindications for providing Zero Balancing sessions to pregnant clients, including modifications and precautions to ensure the well-being of both the practitioner and the client.


3.Develop evaluation and balancing skills specific to pregnancy, such as working with the Round Ligaments, addressing common discomforts and imbalances, and supporting alignment of the pelvis and spine.


4.Explore the physical, energetic, hormonal, and emotional changes experienced during the postpartum period and learn techniques to address postpartum challenges, including breastfeeding, pelvic floor, and general alignment as ligaments tighten postpartum.


5.Integrate Zero Balancing techniques with other supportive modalities commonly used during pregnancy and postpartum, such as midwifery, doula support, chiropractic care, and acupuncture, and understand when to refer clients to other professionals.


6.Apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course by participating in practice sessions with pregnant women in the community (where feasible).

This is a retreat at Kokosunfarm in Haiku Maui. Full shared Glamping accommodation and gourmet local meals will be provided. Prices still under negotiation. Day guests are also welcome to register for this course. Accommodation will be available for 2 additional nights (no meals) after the course ends.
Please email Rebekah to receive more accomodation information, and accomodation and or meals registration forms. 


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