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Zero Balancing Curriculum

Zero Balancing is taught as an advanced studies program for the health care professional who is seeking a holistic health care system that involves handling the body. The path to learning Zero Balancing includes: class study of information regarding energy and structure, instruction in energetic anatomy and physiology, learning to work directly with energy through touch, and learning the protocol for performing a Zero Balancing session. It also includes giving and receiving Zero Balancing sessions, obtaining feedback from experienced practitioners, and (if in the Certification program) having a personal mentor to help guide one’s study.



Zero Balancing Foundations

These courses define and teach the foundational principles and skills of Zero Balancing. With the exceptions of Introduction to Zero Balancing and the Advancing Skills Day classes, each of these courses satisfies Zero Balancing Certification requirements. 


Introduction to Zero Balancing
Core ZB Program 
Zero Balancing I
Zero Balancing II
Form and Fulcrums I
Freely Moveable Joints
Alchemy of Touch
Geometry of Healing: Advanced Palpation Skills
Core ZB Advancing Skills Day
Freely Moveable Joints Advancing Skills Day
Alchemy of Touch Advancing Skills Day
Geometry of Healing: Advancing Skills Day


Advancing Zero Balancing Touch Skills

These advanced courses develop touch skills that enable the student to sense and distinguish subtler levels of energy and information held in bone tissue or body structure.  

Art of Zero Balancing
Form and Fulcrums II
Kinesthetic Signatures I
Kinesthetic Signatures II
Touching the Whole Person I
Fields and Fulcrums
Open Forum

Zero Balancing Expanded Courses

Zero Balancing Expanded (ZBX) is an advanced course of study that applies Zero Balancing principles to the skull and the viscera. In ZBX classes, you will learn new ways to evaluate and balance these areas and how to incorporate these new techniques into a ZB session.  You will develop new and more subtle touch skills while expanding the areas of the body that can be directly addressed during a Zero Balancing session.  
ZB Expanded: Addressing the Viscera
ZB Expanded: Addressing the Skull
Fabulous Fulcrums
Addressing the Viscera Advancing Skills Day
Addressing the Skull Advancing Skills Day

Specialized Advanced Courses

These advanced Zero Balancing classes focus on enhancing our awareness to better address the needs of clients with special circumstances. Lessons, demonstrations and practice sessions cultivate new skills and approaches to balancing body/mind/spirit.  

Verbal Fulcrums in Zero Balancing I
Verbal Fulcrums in Zero Balancing II
Touching the Whole Person II
Bridges to Wholeness: Zero Balancing and Cancer
Chasing Magic in the Land of Zero Balancing
Zero Balancing and the Spirit of the Five Elements

Conferences and Special Events

These unique Zero Balancing events and residential programs are offered throughout the year. 
Zero Balancing Community Benefit (ZBCB)
ZB by the Sea
Art of ZB Residential 
New England Zero Balancing Conference 
Making Conscious the Process of Mastery

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