Amplifying the Field of Zero Balancing for Yourself and Others: Creating a Successful Practice

Amplifying the Field of Zero Balancing for Yourself and Others:  Creating a Successful Practice 
By Michele Doucette DC, ZB Faculty
  • Begin practicing full sessions immediately.  The more you practice, the more interesting and variable results you will see.  This strengthens your knowledge and experience and helps you speak to clients and the public from a place of embodied truth about ZB.
  • Receive ZB sessions regularly.  The clearer you are, the more effective you are as a facilitator for clients, and the more embodies the work is in you.
  • Practice with friends and family for free if you like, and while in your professional space, charge a fee for your professional time.
  • Charge a reasonable fee for your sessions.  Reasonable for your time, professional experience, and the demographics of your location.  Value your skills and others will value your service.
  • If you would like to offer a reduced fee as you are gaining confidence with ZB, make a clear commitment to a fee that supports your continued learning.  Consider putting some or all your ZB income aside for future classes.  This energetic commitment will strengthen the container for your growth as a ZBer.
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