Interface - January 2021

Welcome to Interface 2021!
Now, more than ever, we are focused on new ways of sharing the gift of Zero Balancing. 
More online classes are being added to the schedule, such as the recent "How to Zero Balance People Who Are Bigger Than You" with Linda Wobeskya, a two-hour workshop that included strategies and practices from both a structural and an energetic perspective.
The best part of being online is that, even if you can't make the live class, registrants can access the class recordings and materials afterwards.
And we had our fourth First Sunday Virtual Zero Balancing Session just after the new year - our biggest yet and what a great way to receive ZB despite the distance! The next one is coming up on Sunday, February 7th. 
Be sure to tune into our monthly Upcoming Courses & Events newsletter, which comes out the third week of each month, or check the course calendarand sign up for these gatherings and opportunities to learn and share. 
We hope you'll take advantage of joining us in these new spaces and places!
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