Zero Balancing Touch Foundation at the IONS International Conference

ZB Faculty share their experience

The Zero Balancing Touch Foundation (ZBTF) recently partnered with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in sponsoring their 16th International Conference entitled “The Science of Being, The Spirit of Community.”

ZB Faculty share their experience

The Zero Balancing Touch Foundation (ZBTF) recently partnered with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in sponsoring their 16th International Conference entitled “The Science of Being, The Spirit of Community.”  Additionally, on behalf to the ZBTF, five Zero Balancing faculty members participated in the conference Inner Space Experiential Village, a new take on the vendor area.  The IONS website describes the organization as such:

The intention for the ZBTF presence was to support the important and exciting work at IONS and to introduce the IONS community to the concept and experience that consciousness can be engaged and expanded through touch.  Another goal was to serve attendees, organizers, and presenters by creating a touch-based opportunity to organize, integrate, embody, and ground their conference experience.  Mary Murphy summarizes our impact eloquently:

            “Our sponsorship and presence created an opportunity to learn how to express ZB and the concepts of how we engage consciousness through touch in new ways, to an audience that is a different and diverse collective of scientists of all kinds, artists, mystics.  The IONS conference was a stellar platform for the ZBTF to launch its inaugural public presence, for our work to be felt and experienced and for us, as Zero Balancers and ambassadors of touch, to be impacted by the group field of this very inspiring and innovative organization.”

Mary Murphy, Judith Sullivan, David Laden, Tom Gentile, and Michele Doucette provided Zero Balancing sessions to 130 participants over 3 days, thereby touching 20% of conference attendees, including keynote presenters, IONS scientists, directors, and board members.  We touched and talked to hundreds of people, many of whom left with information about the ZBTF and how to find a ZB practitioner in their area.  Our presence generated interest, good will and awareness; there was a definite BUZZ about ZB.  People were being referred by those who had received sessions.  Some came back two or three times!  David Laden describes the Inner Space Experiential Village:

            ”It was amazing to create a powerful field with 3 tables going all the time, 10-15 minute sessions, all with people who already were very open to higher consciousness and the synergy of body/mind/spirit, matter and energy. The field of the conference was strong in itself so it supported us as we contributed to it. Win/win.”

Expressing our work in new terms that made sense to this group was a welcome challenge and created the opportunity to move beyond some of our well known and loved terms into language that matched the needs of this group and beyond.  Michele shared that a highlight for her was developing an” elevator speech” she is happy with:

            "With ZB we are using conscious and skilled touch that often allows a person to drop easily into a meditative state, an expanded state of consciousness.  We are touching into the energy of the bones and joints. The bones, from a Chinese Medicine perspective, are said to store the deep essence of the person, the energy of conception, before early conditioning, trauma, and drama creates imbalances in body, mind, emotions, spirit...including self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.  So when a person can drop into an expanded state of consciousness while feeling their authentic essence, (and the touch feeeels really good) they often begin to live life from that authentic presence, to have a deeper perspective. Stressors, pains, beliefs, limitations and behaviors that are not congruent with that essence more easily fall away, leading to health and happiness."

Tom Gentile's description of his experience gives a glimpse into the power of connection and community:     

             “These past few days together at IONS have been, for me, much more than enjoyable, and much more than satisfying, even. The word that comes to mind is engaging. I felt I was engaged on multiple levels by my five colleagues (a blessing, thank you all) and I felt I was myself engaging in this, and in that, and in those around me in a most comprehensive and open way. This seems to me like a good way to live.”

Judith Sullivan reflects on her IONS experience:

            “We all felt like we had deepened our friendship and respect for each other and we have the inspiration to continue working together in some way, perhaps continuing to go to conferences. There were so many good groups there that put on their own      conferences. One thing I noticed is that there was much talk about consciousness (good), connecting mind and heart (good), and not much talk at all about the body (would like more of).”

The ZBTF thanks the Institute of Noetic Sciences for this excellent opportunity to communicate, co-operate, and co-create. To learn more about the leading edge of IONS visit their website here: IONS.



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