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Investigating the Effects of Zero Balancing on the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Dimensions of Wellness: A Phenomenological MIxed Methods Pilot Study

Rhoads, et al. The Journal of Transformative Touch (May 2021)

The Social Value of Zero Balancing by David Laden
The Journal of Transformative Touch (October 2020)

Zero Balancing: A Short List of Books, Articles & Videos by David Lauterstein

What is Zero Balancing

by David Lauterstein

More Than Zero

by Natasha Lunn (August 13, 2013)

Zero Balancing touch therapy heals pain

by Meredith May
SFGate (February 6, 2013)

The Zero Balancing Paradigm

by Michele Doucette
Dynamic Chiropractic (2012)

Zero Balancing Benefits Physical Therapy Clients

by Karen Senffner (March 2012)

Zero Balancing and Stillness

by David Laden
International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (Fall 2011)

Zero Balancing

by Phil Greenfield
International Therapist (February 2012) This article was first published on the Knowledge Tree section of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) website ( The FHT is the leading professional association for complementary, sports, and holistic beauty therapists in the UK and Ireland.

Pilot Program at Military Hospital Indicates Benefits of Touch Therapies

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Volume 17, Number 9, 2011

The Use of ZB within the Context of Acupuncture

by Celeste Homan
The American Acupuncturist, Volume 57 (Fall 2011)

Energy and the Integrative Vision

by David Lauterstein
Massage & Bodywork (September/October 2011)

Thriving at Interface: A Skill from Zero Balancing

by Lisa J. Berger
Massage Magazine (June 2011)

Introduction to Zero Balancing: Integrating Structure and Energy

by Rebekah Goldstein-Hawes
Be Well Magazine (2011) Reprinted with permission, Be Well World, Inc., 301-663-0830,

The Science of Energy Therapies and Contemplative Practice - A Conceptual Review and the Application of Zero Balancing

by Sallie Stoltz Denner
Holistic Nursing Practice (November/December 2009)

The Zero Balancing Technique

by Kate Chase Ryan
Massage Magazine (October 2009)

A Conversation with Fritz Smith on Zero Balancing

by David Lauterstein
Massage & Bodywork (May 2009)
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The Vocabulary of Touch

by Dorsett Edmunds
Arizona Choices (August/September 2007)

Going Home: Zero Balancing Takes the Body Back

by Karrie Osborn
Massage & Bodywork (February/March 2004)

Introduction to the Concepts of Zero Balancing

by Pam Geggus
Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies (2004)

Touching trauma: combining hypnotic ego strengthening and Zero Balancing

by Dorsett Edmunds and George Gafner
Contemporary Hypnosis (2003)

The Vocabulary of Touch

by Fritz Smith
Meridians published by Traditional Acupuncture Institute (Summer 1995)