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Officers Fritz Frederick Smith, President Jim McCormick, Treasurer Karli Beare, Secretary The Zero Balancing Foundation (ZBF) was created in 2005 with the mission of promoting individual and world well-being through the use, education and research of skilled touch, in particular that of Zero Balancing. Members of the Zero Balancing community currently govern this non-profit corporation. The ZBF establishes and communicates the standards of practice of Zero Balancing internationally, maintaining what we call the ‘Middle C’ of Zero Balancing. It oversees Zero Balancing research and education, including the approval of new courses, certification requirements, and teacher training programs. The ZBF works and consults with the established Zero Balancing associations in North America, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, and New Zealand/Australia regarding their educational and research programs. The ZBF is working to develop associations in France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Go to Links to contact these associations. For more information, email the ZBF.
"We are laying the groundwork of organization and communication so that Zero Balancing is vital, available, and brings harmony and balance to the world far into the future."

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