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Megan Lavery

Professional Designation(s): Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist
Address: 1712 Osbourne Rd
St. Mary's, GA 31558
Phone Number: 912-882-3800
Email Address:
Zero Balancing Qualifications: Faculty
Certified Practitioner

Megan began her journey as a bodyworker after receiving Zero Balancing for whiplash symptoms. She quickly recovered from the whiplash, but became addicted to ZB. In her journey of discovery about the mind-body connection, Megan attended massage school in the early 1990's, became a Zero Balancing teacher in 2004, and was certified in Process Acupressure in 2015. As the focus of her practice evolved into personal growth work, Megan attended graduate school for counseling with a focus in Somatic Psychology and is now a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor working in southeast Georgia. She combines bodywork and counseling to help clients with personal growth, mindfulness, and trauma resolution.

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