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Jennifer Grace Allen

Professional Designation(s): Licensed Massage Therapist
Address: Champaign, IL 61821
Phone Number: 217-721-6813
Email Address:
Zero Balancing Qualifications: Inactive Faculty
Certified Practitioner

I devoted the first part of my life to dancing. I moved to NYC when I was 18 and, after receiving a BFA in dance at NYU, danced professionally both nationally and internationally. When I discovered Zero Balancing something clicked. This deceptively simple system put everything back into its proper place, both energetically as well as physically. While the session was happening, I felt supreme relaxation, quiet and peace. When it was over, my joints felt like they had been well oiled, everything was back on track and all movement felt free and easy. Around this same time I began to study the physical, philosophical and spiritual practices of yoga - an ancient tradition that promises freedom from suffering if one can fully integrate the mind, body and spirit. With full integration they are not perceived as separate parts of ourselves and we are shifted into a new state of being. From my years as a dancer and studying yoga it was a natural progression to shift into hands-on healing. I completed a 600-hour massage program from The New School for Massage in Chicago, became certified in Zero Balancing a year later and am now a ZB teacher. The only way to change the world is through changing the hearts and minds of individuals. A Zero Balancing session offers you an opportunity to integrate all the many parts-of-your-self. When you feel grounded and balanced within yourself you can more clearly focus on your hopes and dreams. Only then is true transformation possible.

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