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Carla Van Arnam

Professional Designation(s): Licensed Massage Therapist
Address: 7328 West University Ave., Ste. F
Gainesville, FL 32607
Phone Number: 352-318-8974
Email Address:
Zero Balancing Qualifications: Faculty
Certified Practitioner
Class Sponsor

Zero Balancing is at the heart of her bodywork
practice. Its theories and principles underpin all her work,
whether the deep work at bone with ZB or the skin level with
manual lymphatic drainage. Carla began her study in 1995 and
certified in 2005. She joined the faculty in 2012. Florida
massage license MA41884.

She welcomes clients of all ages. She uses the advanced ZB work
for cranium and viscera, as needed. As a volunteer, Carla gives
ZB to the guests at the Fisher House, attached to the local VA
hospital, to help them feel more stable and calm in their
challenging situations.

The office is on the west side of Gainesville, with easy parking.
She shares office space with two other massage therapists, a
5-element acupuncturist, and a licensed mental health counselor.

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