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Barbara Mahler

Professional Designation(s): Movement Educator
Address: New York, NY
Phone Number: 917-887-0273
Email Address:
Zero Balancing Qualifications: Faculty
Certified Practitioner

Barbara Mahler was awarded a BAX AWARD in 2013 in Arts and Arts Education for her ongoing work in the dance field as an artist and body worker. A certified Zero Balancing practitioner (1986) and faculty member(1989), she draws upon her 30 years of her teaching and movement experience working with dancers and non-dancers alike to achieve movement efficiency, heal and rehabilitate injuries, and bring about a greater ease.

"My work utilizes many different approaches to healing, stress reduction, and increased well-being. It involves both hands on work, or movement ­speaking to the many different ways in which we live and work in our body. We can work specifically towards healing an injury, or to help increase facility, ease and range. Sessions can be stress relieving, or or they can help to integrate one¹s physical practice, whether in dance or other artistic endeavors, as well as daily life. My work is grounded in the teachings and practice of movement and the healing arts, specifically Zero Balancing, Connective Tissue Therapy, Klein Technique ™, and includes Applied Kinesiology, studies in anatomy, kinesiology,function, yoga, pilates and more."

Along with her international (teaches ZB in Taipai) and home base Zero Balancing an Klein Technique Teaching, Barbara is now involved in a research study to teach Parkinson's patients how to change their walking patterns with internal dialogue and specific vocabulary to help increase stability in walking. This study is different than a Parkinson's based dance class and is more about gait, involving the mind, learning and embodying new patterns of walking.

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