• Zero Balancing (ZB) is powerful touch therapy for body and mind. Deeply relaxing and energizing, ZB touches your core, at the level of bone, to promote wellness and balance.

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  • What Can ZB Do For Me?

    Relieve tension and pain
    Improve balance and mobility
    Alleviate stress, amplify calm
    Quiet your mind
    Expand your awareness


  • What Is Zero Balancing?

    • Bodywork that addresses bones, joints and soft tissues
    • Skilled touch that feels good, performed through clothing
    • Rooted in Western science and Eastern energy healing traditions
    • Holistic and non-invasive
    • Designed to enhance health and vitality on all levels

  • Why Practice ZB?

    • A treatment protocol effective for clients of all ages
    • Address deep patterns in the musculoskeletal system
    • Work with greater ease and efficiency
    • Touch with clear therapeutic boundaries
    • Incorporate ZB easily into other modalities
    • Expand your approach to the body-mind

Coronavirus Update

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives in so many ways. Zero Balancing classes are no exception. COVID-19 has impacted the manner in which we are able to offer in-person ZB classes and has provided new challenges in how we safeguard the health of our students, our classes and our faculty.
To minimize the transmission of COVID-19, the ZBHA has developed recommendations for ZB in-person educational offerings and classes. 
These guidelines will provide a set of criteria and practices that will allow us to create as safe a learning environment as possible; in which we can study and practice Zero Balancing in a healthy and responsible atmosphere during this pandemic. 
We will monitor experiences as well as updated public health recommendations and edit these guidelines as needed.

What Is A Zero Balancing Session Like?

Zero Balancing feels refreshing from the inside out. After listening to your goals, your practitioner evaluates and balances key areas throughout the body, first with you sitting, then lying face up, fully clothed. A treatment usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes, and releases deep tension in bones, joints and soft tissue. Afterwards you may feel lighter, freer, energized and more in tune with yourself.


A Message From Our Founder

A Message From Our Board

We’re so happy you’re here! The Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA) is a membership and training organization that serves the Zero Balancing community of North America. The ZBHA is comprised of our dedicated office staff, talented faculty and growing community of students and certified ZB practitioners. We are extremely proud of the passion and creativity that our members and teachers have for sharing the power of Zero Balancing. We encourage you to connect with a practitioner to experience it for yourself or take a class and discover the power of this work for both yourself and your clients. 

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Latest News

  • Interface - July 2021

    • Wednesday, July 7, 2021
    • | Posted by ZBHA

    Summer is here! It's been so wonderful to reconnect in person with friends and loved ones and we hope that this has been nourishing to your soul and spirit, helping to sooth your nervous systems and reminding everyone that we can be so incredibly resilient. We also continued to be reminded that not everyone has access to the care and resources that they need, and that each one of us can positively affect someone's life each and every day.

  • Interface - June 2021

    • Tuesday, June 8, 2021
    • | Posted by ZBHA

    We are deeply appreciative of each and every one of you whom participated in our community benefit last month! Thank you for choosing to learn, grow and lean into our beautiful community together. Being online certainly means we miss out on hugs and hands-on ZBs, but it has also given us the opportunity to connect with members who aren't able to travel for an in-person event.

  • First Certified Mentors Graduate

    • Tuesday, April 27, 2021
    • | Posted by ZBHA

    The first cohort of ZBHA Certified Mentors graduated on April 17, 2021 in Vermont. Congratulations!

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