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Gift of the Jaguar by John Franklin with Sharon Franklin

What happens when a veterinarian gives up his practice to study to study Zero Balancing, Esalen massage and Feldenkrais Method, then follows his passion for healing and adventure travel to study with a number of teachers, master healers and shamans in Peru? The result is Gift of the Jaguar, a semi-autobiographical novel crafted by Zero Balancing instructor John Franklin and his wife Sharon. In this spiritual parable, the two veterinarians share the intuitive wisdom their leading-edge teachers in the States have in common with ancient Peruvian healing traditions, and also with the lessons of their four-legged patients and the natural world. Andean healers call this wisdom ayni, the secret to vibrant health and peace in your relationship with yourself, with others, and with creation.

Over more than a decade of travels, the Franklins have introduced numerous western-trained health care practitioners, including Zero Balancing founder Fritz Smith, M.D., to Peruvian healers. In his forward for Gift of the Jaguar, Smith writes that in the Franklins’ parable, “Zero Balancing becomes …real and obvious in a context outside of doing a session. The way in which the ideas behind this body-mind healing modality have been interwoven with Andean healing traditions highlights the principles of nature upon which Zero Balancing is built.”

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