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Home Space Healing Arts
Goshen, CT
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Verilee Herpich

Verilee Herpich

“Zero Balancing has felt like home to me from the beginning.”

Verilee Herpich’s professional journey took her from critical care nursing to massage therapy to CranioSacral therapy – all along being led to Zero Balancing. The depth, simplicity, nature and spirit of this work is welcoming and sensible to her body and soul and hands.

“I love that each year as I practice ZB, I learn more about how best to do and to be Zero Balancing. The principles guide and help me to grow and serve.”

“My early life was spent in the woods and in the field with my goats, leaning in for truth, friendship, play, and all that our warm-blooded friends offer. They were such clear teachers of the natural principles that guide us in Zero Balancing. They helped me recognize myself in nature and the nature of all beings.”

Verilee Herpich, LMT, RN has been happily teaching Zero Balancing since 2004, finding the process of sharing this work deeply fulfilling.

In her body therapy practice she offers both Zero Balancing and massage. Verilee also produces her own line of flower essences and offers essence consultations for humans and their companion animals.

Verilee is certified to teach ZB I, ZB II, Alchemy of Touch, Freely Moveable Joints, Introduction to ZB and Advancing Skills Days.

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