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Zero Balancing is taught as an advanced studies program for the health care professional who is seeking a holistic health care system that involves handling the body. The path to learning Zero Balancing includes: class study of information regarding energy and structure, instruction in energetic anatomy and physiology, learning to work directly with energy through touch, and learning the protocol for performing a Zero Balancing session. It also includes giving and receiving Zero Balancing sessions, obtaining feedback from experienced practitioners, and (if in the Certification program) having a personal mentor to help guide one’s study.

The Core Zero Balancing Program
This program consists of two four-day workshops: Zero Balancing I and Zero Balancing II. The essential practices, principles and protocols that define Zero Balancing are presented here. ZB I and ZB II are separated by a period of time allowing the student to perform ZB sessions prior to ZB II. Learn more.

Advanced Courses
Core Zero Balancing methods are reinforced while adding more dimension, skill, and subtlety to the practice. The focus for each program may include: working with specific populations, addressing different areas of the body, or exploring leading-edge energy theories.

Special Programs
These include introductory presentations, review days, regional and national conferences and other programs.

The ZB Certification Program
Designed to turn ZB students into skilled ZB practitioners, this curriculum includes 50 course hours in addition to Core Zero Balancing, one-on-one mentoring, 50 written case reflections, touch feedback tutorials, Zero Balancing exchanges, essays, and two final assessments.
Learn more.

See a list of national and state organizations that have approved Zero Balancing courses for continuing education.

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