The Zero Balancing Certification Program

The Zero Balancing Certification Program
Certification in Zero Balancing is a professional continuing education program that provides recognition for high-level skills and experience in working with body energy through touch. This program combines completion of required course hours with options to choose study and mentoring activities. Certification Program candidates are tested on both their knowledge of the Zero Balancing principles and protocol as well as hands-on skills. Successful completion of the program earns the practitioner the right to call themselves a Certified Zero Balancer (CZB) and grants rights and privileges to use the registered name, Zero Balancing®, in association with their professional practice.

Certified Zero Balancing Practitioners are recognized as highly skilled healthcare professionals working at the leading edge of the body-mind interface. The Zero Balancing Health Association’s (ZBHA) Certification Program develops competency in Zero Balancing (ZB) through the application of the principles and practice of working with the physical structure and energy of the body through skilled touch. Graduates become part of a national referral database and are entitled to recognition as a “Zero Balancer” and other rights and privileges granted by the Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA) and the Zero Balancing Foundation (ZBF).

Why Certify?
Simply stated, if you want to master Zero Balancing, certification is the clearest and most efficient way to do that. Any practitioner who wants to incorporate ZB into their practice will benefit from having their ZB skills developed and evaluated. In addition, candidates are recognized as members of the Zero Balancing Health Association, which includes a searchable practitioner profile page on the Zero Balancing Website.

For Additional Information including Eligibility Requirements and a Summary of Program Requirements please download the Certification Program Application Package below.

“…for me certification was a wonderful and very “do-able” process…filled with joy, support, learning and growth. People with different needs and different styles can navigate through it creatively in a way that serves them.”


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