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Course Title: Core ZB: Advancing Skills Day : Formerly Review Day
Course Date(s): June 22, 2018 - June 23, 2018
Instructor(s): Michele Doucette, Ty Romijn, Amanda King
Location: Westminster, VT
Core Zero Balancing: Advancing Skills Day classes enhance the process of learning Zero Balancing, sharpen the skills of those who have not taken courses recently, and develop relationships among ZB practitioners. Student questions shape the lessons, and the format may include presentations, demonstrations, touch feedback and session swaps. All of the students have taken Core ZB1. This class was formerly called "Review Day".

You Will Learn:

  • Complete review of Zero Balancing Principles and theory
  • Complete review of Zero Balancing session
  • Complete review of lower body protocol
  • Complete review of hip, foot, ribs, trapezius, scapulae, shoulder, neck, SI fulcrums
  • Complete review of Half Moon Vector

“I’ve found that review days are an essential (though often overlooked) way to deepen our understanding of the ZB principles in a very personal way. I’ve found that in working on my own for too long, it’s so easy to lose my way a bit, and Review Days help me clear the fog and get back on track. They’re also great for developing relationships with other ZBers, and building more community.” Tom Coen, CMT

“Review days are extremely helpful when I have time and money to participate, because I receive a lot of one-on-one tender loving care. The techniques become more mine and more usable for me and my clients.” Susy Boge, OTR

“I have greatly benefited from the review days. Dorsett does a wonderful job reviewing the basic protocol and adds in new techniques or different ways of using techniques already learned. The review days are also a good way to connect with and learn from other Zero Balancers.” Julia K. Wilkinson, PT

“Working with others who practice ZB offers a practitioner the chance to get feedback and support from those who truly understand the work. I have found Review Days to be a vibrant part of the “circulatory system” of the ZB community, which supports practitioners on their evolving journey with Zero Balancing." Beth Terrence, LMT

Special Information:

This is a New England Regional mini-conference with
4 or 5 faculty members sharing their leading edge thoughts about
Zero Balancing!  We will gather for an optional community dinner
Friday night, June 22 from 6-8 pm at the class Venue.  Please
contact Diane Bazin our conference sponosor for information about
the Westminster Institute, the surrounding area, lodging, etc.

For questions about class content you can contact any of the

Course Location & Times:

3534 US Route 5,
Westminster, VT 05158


Super Saver: $100.00
(60+ days in advance)

Early Registration: $125.00
(30-60 days in advance)

Tuition: $150.00
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Michele Doucette
Ty Romijn
Amanda King

Course Length: 1 day
CE Hours: 6.5
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