A Great Time to Become Certified in Zero Balancing
Effective March 1, 2015

Dear Zero Balancing Community,

We want to let you know of the significant changes to the ZB Certification Program that have been in effect since March 1st, 2015.

Some of you may have been considering becoming a certified Zero Balancer but haven't applied yet. Some of you may not have been eligible to enter the program without a healthcare license. Some of you may have felt unable to fulfill the requirements of the program. Or perhaps some of you are already in the certification program and feel stalled. Recent improvements to the ZB Certification Program are designed with busy therapists in mind. Eligibility and certification requirements have been streamlined to make it easier to certify, while raising the standards of skill and knowledge of ZB practitioners.

Eligibility in the original program was based on the candidate having a health care license under which they can legally practice. In the new program, eligibility has been broadened to include those health care professionals who may not have a healthcare license but who have significant experience.

Here is a quick view of the differences in the program requirements:

Additional details about the program revisions are below, in "New Certification Program Structure".

As you will see, the price of certification and the number of required course hours has not changed. We have changed what the Certification Program fee covers. Simply stated, under the current program the fee covers a stipend for the services provided by a mentor while you pay the fees charged by faculty for the two check out ZB sessions. For the new program, mentor services are optional and will be paid by the candidate while the two certification tests, one written and one practical exam, will be covered by the program fee. Those transferring from the current program to new program will pay for the written and practical exams, but the exams will be included in the fee for new candidates.

The written exam will be an open-book, multiple choice exam with questions on the Zero Balancing protocol, ZB principles, and the information required to have a safe and effective Zero Balancing practice. Questions will be created from the information in the Core ZB study guide as well as two books: Inner Bridges by Fritz Smith, MD and Zero Balancing by John Hamwee.

The program under the new guidelines officially began March 1.

With highest regards,

Cindi Pridgen, Executive Director

The ZBHA Board of Directors
Fritz Smith
Lisa Berger
Todd Williams
Michael Oruch
Doug Deming
Amanda King
Linda Wobeskya
Pam Johnson

New Certification Program Structure:
Launch Date March 1, 2015


The new ZB Certification Program is based on the educational philosophy that, beyond the required course hours, adult learners should choose study and mentoring activities that will help them to become competent at Zero Balancing. Once a candidate feels prepared, they will be tested on both their knowledge and hands-on skills. We have added a written exam.

Both of these exams will be covered by the Certification Program fee and the ZBHA will no longer pay mentors a stipend. Candidates may choose to work with one mentor or several different mentors throughout the program, on a fee-for-service basis. In the new program, much of what used to be required will now be recommended, yet still available.

The following are automatically eligible for the new certification program:
A. Licensed health care professionals
B. Health care professionals with no formal license and with an active practice of three years or longer
Additional information about professional training and current practice will be provided by the following categories of applicants to determine their eligibility for ZB Certification: Such applicants would include:
C. Health care professionals with no formal license whose active practice is less than three years long
D. Students enrolled in a professional healthcare training program that leads to a license or certification

1. Attend a minimum of 100 hours of ZB courses from the following list:
• Zero Balancing I
• Zero Balancing II
• Two Certification Electives**: Form and Fulcrums I, Freely Moveable Joints, Alchemy of Touch, or Geometry of Healing


** Note: students who feel the need for additional study of the basic ZB protocol may repeat Zero Balancing I and/or Zero Balancing II in lieu of the four stated electives. ZB Staff are available to discuss this option.

2. Pass Two Exams:
• Written Exam: Open-book, multiple choice with questions on the Zero Balancing protocol, ZB principles, and the information required to have a safe and effective Zero Balancing practice.
• Practical Exam: Giving a Zero Balancing to a ZBHA Faculty Member that meets the standards specified on the Final Assessment Form.
3. Submit a simple log of any recommended activities utilized during the ZB Certification Program (see list below)
• Give 50-100 pure ZBs.
• Receive at least 10 pure ZBs from Certified ZBers.
• Review the material presented in the courses (reread study guides and notes, view videos).
• Repeat ZB I and/or ZB II in addition to completing the required courses. (Repeat tuition discounts apply)
• Work with one mentor or with several different mentors throughout the program, on a fee-for-service basis.
• Keep a personal journal to note questions and observations arising from giving and receiving ZBs.
• Join the program with a colleague or friend with whom to trade ZBs and study.
• Exchange with fellow students, certification candidates, and certified ZBers.
• Read Inner Bridges and Alchemy of Touch by Dr. Fritz Smith and/or Zero Balancing by John Hamwee.
• Attend additional ZB courses such as Advancing Skills Days, advanced classes, and ZB conferences/benefits.
• Do a ZB service project with the assistance of a mentor or certified ZBer.

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