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Zero Balancing faculty member Jim McCormick, in conjunction with The Benjamin Institute, offers an introductory ZB webinar entitled "Put Energy into Your Practice with Zero Balancing." The webinar offers 1 CE hour (NCBTMB and FL CE Broker) for just $19.

Click here. You will be directed to the Benjamin Institute main webinar page. Scroll down past the webinar series to the list of individual webinars. Click on "Put Energy into Your Practice with Zero Balancing" to order and view.

An Update from Mary Murphy, retiring Co-Chair ZBHA Board

A lot has changed in our organization since the Bioregional committees were first conceived many years ago. We are recognizing that even though many of the Bioregional committees have been inactive, local and regional ZB events are still happily being held.

As most of you know, in 2006 the Bioregional Initiative was launched to engender more grassroots activities within the ZB communities and particularly to include practitioners in leadership roles. The mission of this initiative has been realized in many ways over these last seven years and not only under the auspices of local bioregional committees but also through the efforts of centers of ZB activities arising due to practitioner enthusiasm and interest. It is now common for practitioners and faculty to provide community service or sponsor events for the ZB or the wider community. The practitioner community has been empowered in a number of ways to take the helm of various activities that relate to the original mission of the Bioregional initiative. The new resources on our national website for practitioners in our member center, the Zero Balancing Awareness Month promotions, regional conferences, and joint projects of service and research are all examples of ongoing activities that are carrying out the original ideas of the Bioregional committees.

We are recommending that the formal Bioregional committees, some of which have been very active and some which have been quieter, be dissolved, as new circles of interest have naturally evolved and we have a greater national marketing effort that is undertaking many of the ideas done locally. This takes out the looseness in the existing state of the committees and provides a clean, clear disconnect which honors what is actually happening. The monies donated to the Bioregions are still available on a provisional basis for the next six months and then will be joined with the overall Marketing Fund. In this way, the future events and community service ideas in your bioregion which may need some financial assistance to happen will be supported whenever possible.

We encourage all ZBHA members to be especially active in their local and regional ZB communities with their fellow practitioners to grow ZB in myriad ways of service and learning. A great way to stay connected is by participating in a ZB study group. We are very grateful to all the ZBers who have served on these committees and transformed our way of growing our ZB communities locally and regionally. I would like to especially thank those who served as chairs, or co-chairs of their local committees and Valarie McGettigan and Margaret Nelson who acted as Bioregional Coordinators over these last several years.

With gratitude and highest regards,
Mary Murphy, retiring Co-Chair ZBHA Board

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Special discounted tuition of $995 for both ZB I and ZB II when students pay either all at once or by the end of ZB I. (Save $195). All North American ZB I and ZB II classes are eligible for this discount. Please register for the course by contacting the instructor. A voucher system will be used for classes taught by different instructors. Contact the ZBHA for details. Click here to search for courses

Pilot Program at Military Hospital Indicates Benefits of Touch Therapies
Military hospital staff report reduced stress from CAM therapy, including Zero Balancing. Click here to read more
“Zero Balancing, in its direct, transformative support for the vitality of the client, answers the need in health care for a preventative, wellness-based therapy that easily helps people feel better, more connected and relaxed.”

Mary Murphy, ZB Faculty, Co-owner of the Zero Balancing Wellness Center in Wilmette, IL
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